Weed Management/Fertilization

All turf areas shall be adequately fertilized. Fertilizers shall be granular in composition and contain 30% to 50% of the nitrogen in a slow or controlled release form. The ratio of nitrogen to potash will be calculated for complete fertilizer formulations.

Fertilizer will be immediately blown off of walks and drives onto lawns or beds.

After fertilization, a minimum of one (1) inch of water should be applied by the Client the day after an application is made.

Smith Lawn Management, LLC uses the following 7 applications on all turf areas.

1. January/February: Winter Pre-emergent/Post-emergent application
2. March/April: Spring Pre-emergent/Post-emergent application
3. May/June: Fertilization #1 and spot treatment for weeds
4. June/July: Summer Post-emergent application
5. July/August: Fertilization #2 and spot treatment for weeds
6. August/September: Fertilization #3 and spot treatment for weeds
7. October/November: Fall Pre-emergent/Post-emergent application